CDR’s LT-Thermoplastics are made to exacting standards, ensuring that we hold true to our mantra – Patient Comfort is Accuracy.

Ensuring patient positioning accuracy.

Drape Immobilization (SL32-S) shown on the Freedom System (LB-SBRT)

Hybrid Immobilization (SL24-S-HYB-O) and Shoulder Tech LT-Thermoplastic – shown with Freedom System (LB-SBRT)

FreedomX™ Prone Head & Neck Masks

Prone Mask set ensures correct support for prone patients. Click here for additional information on the Prone Immobilization System.

Hybrid Open Face Mask

Engineered for ultimate patient comfort. This mask never covers the patient’s face, making it especially ideal for claustrophobic patients. The CDR Hybrid Open Immobilization Mask is proven and the mask of choice for Optical Surface Imaging systems.

Shoulder-Tech™ Drapes for Shoulder Immobilization

The Shoulder-Tech™ Drape is designed to be used in conjunction with the FreedomX™ System SRS and Head & Neck Module. Working in collaboration with the Intuition Click™ System and a LT-Thermoplastic Split Frame Drape type mask, the Shoulder-Tech™ Drape is easy to apply and provides shoulder immobilization while remaining extremely comfortable.

Chest Thermoplastic Sheets for use with SaBella Flex™

The SaBella Flex™ Support Module allows for the use of thermoplastic masks to aid breast positioning. See SaBella Flex™ here.

Supine Breast Positioning LT-Thermoplastic Cup with Strap

The LT-Thermoplastic Cup with Strap is an accessory that provides customized supportive lift to a treatment breast aiding in the avoidance of any unwanted fold during the radiotherapy treatment. Adverse moist desquamation can be reduced when skin folds are minimized. To activate, heat up in hot water or Dry Heater and mold to fit, support and let cool. Secure after molding mark and tape into place to ensure reproductivity.

BI-B Size B–5cm x 22cm (recommended)
BI-C Size C–8cm x 25cm
BI-D Size D–10cm x 28cm

LT-Thermoplastic™ perforated 12″ x 24″ chest mold in use with the SaBella Flex™ (SBS14-PLV). Click here for more information.

The SaBella Flex™ Head & Neck module allows for masks to be attached using CDR’s unique 5 point clamp (SBS14-HNM). Click here for more information.

Split Frame Drape Type Immobilization Masks

SL24-SLT-Thermoplastic Drape Type – 2.4mm Standard5 ea.
SL32-SLT-Thermoplastic Drape Type – 3.2mm Standard5 ea.
SL32-SLLT-Thermoplastic Drape Type – 3.2mm Long5 ea.
SL24-SXLLT-Thermoplastic Drape Type – 2.4mm Extra Long5 ea.
SL32-SXLLT-Thermoplastic Drape Type – 3.2mm Extra Long5 ea.

Hybrid Open Face Drape Type Immobilization Masks

SL24-S-HYB-OLT-Thermoplastic Hybrid open face/Drape Type5 ea.

Standard Immobilization Masks

SL24LT-Thermoplastic Standard Type – 2.4mm5 ea.
SL32LT-Thermoplastic Standard Type – 3.2mm5 ea.
SL48LT-Thermoplastic Standard Type – 4.8mm5 ea.
SL24-XLLT-Thermoplastic Standard Type – 2.4mm Extra Long5 ea.
SL32-XLLT-Thermoplastic Standard Type – 3.2mm Extra Long5 ea.
SL24-LLT-Thermoplastic Standard Type – 2.4mm Long5 ea.
SL32-LLT-Thermoplastic Standard Type – 3.2mm Long5 ea.

Shoulder Tech

ST32-01LT-Thermoplastic Shoulder Tech – 3.2mm5 ea.

FreedomX™ Prone Head & Neck Mask Set

PH08-MSETLT-Thermoplastic Prone Head & Neck Mask set (SL32 and SL48)1 pkg.

BL Type Immobilization Masks

BL410LT-Thermoplastic BL-Type – Head, Neck & Shoulder Type5 ea.
BL406LT-Thermoplastic BL-Type – A Type5 ea.
BL408LT-Thermoplastic BL-Type – B Type5 ea.

Water Bath Liners & Transfer Sheets

99-01-SSmall liners for water bath and dry heat applications (non-stick)
10” x 15” / 254mm x 381mm
10 ea.
99-01-MMedium liners for water and dry heat application (non-stick)
18” x 24” / 457mm x 609mm
10 ea.
99-01-LLarger liners for water bath and dry heat applications (non-stick)
24” x 36” / 609mm x 91 mm
10 ea.


MSHIMFace Mask Shims Thickness: 0.5mm6 ea.
MSHIM-IIntuition ClickTM Shims Thickness: 0.5mm3 ea.
HSHIMSilverman Head Support Shims Thickness: 0.5mm3 ea.

Reusable Handles attached to Perforated LT-Thermoplastic Sheet. Shown here on the SaBella Flex™.

Handles SaBella Flex™

SBS14-PLVLT-Thermoplastic™ SaBella Flex™ Compatible Handles 12″ (305mm)1 Pair

Handles FreedomX™

FDM-PLV12LT-Thermoplastic™ FreedomX™ Compatible Handles 12″ (305mm)1 Pair
FDM-PLV18LT-Thermoplastic™ FreedomX™ Compatible Handles 18″ (457mm)1 Pair
FDM-PLV24LT-Thermoplastic™ FreedomX™ Compatible Handles 24″ (609mm)1 Pair

Handles General

PLV-12HNDLLT-Thermoplastic™ General Handles 12″ (305mm)1 Pair
PLV-18HNDLLT-Thermoplastic™ General Handles 18″ (457mm)1 Pair
PLV-24HNDLLT-Thermoplastic™ General Handles 24″ (609mm)1 Pair

All LT-Thermoplastic sheets are manufactured using the most current and advanced processes available, ensuring the highest consistency with respect to stretch, working time and ultimate patient comfort. The sheets come in various sizes and thicknesses, ranging from 1.6mm to 4.8mm, and are available in both Solid and Perforated types to ensure maximum accuracy and comfort.

Simply attach a set of reusable handles to the LT-Thermoplastic sheet and attach to the frame (example shown here on the SaBella Flex™). Once treatment is complete, retain the handles for reuse and recycle the used LT-Thermoplastic.

All LT-Thermoplastic products – including Perforated and Solid Sheets – are dry heat compatible (see Dry Heat Ovens).

1.6mm Thick

RS16-12×18LT-Thermoplastic™ Sheet – Perforated 12” x 18”1 ea.
RS16-18×24LT-Thermoplastic™ Sheet – Perforated 18” x 24”1 ea.
RS16-18×24-01LT-Thermoplastic™ Sheet – Solid 18” x 24”1 ea.

2.0mm Thick

RS20-18×24LT-Thermoplastic™ Sheet – Perforated 18” x 24”1 ea.
RS20-18×24-01LT-Thermoplastic™ Sheet – Solid 18” x 24”1 ea.

3.2mm Thick

RS32-12×18LT-Thermoplastic™ Sheet – Perforated 12” x 18”1 ea.
RS32-18×24LT-Thermoplastic™ Sheet – Perforated 18” x 24”1 ea.
RS32-18×24-01LT-Thermoplastic™ Sheet – Solid 18” x 24”1 ea.


Between 70°C and 75°C (160°F to 165°F)


Water Bath: 1-2 minutes (max 5 minutes)
Dry Heat Oven: 3-15 minutes (max 30 minutes)


1 to 2 minutes


Minimum of 10 minutes

Most of our products are available in MR Compatible version.
Click here to download MR Compatible products details or contact us for more information.

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