CDR manufactures and supplies indexing bars to suit all types of simulation and treatment couches. With many options to suit most requirements, all indexing bars are manufactured to exact industry standards to ensure your positioning device and patient are indexed and aligned every time.

Carbon fiber indexing bar types are radio translucent and contain no metal parts.


Lateral Offset (2, 4, 6cm left or right)


MR Safe (available in all types)

Varian Exact SystemPrecise Index System (Electra & BL)Prodigy Index SystemProdigy 2 Index System
Standard Carbon
Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber
Lateral Offset
Standard (2/4/6cm)
Carbon Fiber
MR Compatible StandardIB06-KIB06-EVO-KIB06-MT1-KIB06-MT2-K
MR Compatible SBRT WideIB06-K-01IB06-EVO-K-01IB06-MT1-K-01IB06-MT2-K-01

CDR Precision Table Pads provide a convenient way to improve patient comfort and reduce the risk of pressure damage. Table pads are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and can also be manufactured in sizes of your choice.


  • Radio translucent, ultra comfortable, high quality foam with no seams
  • Easily cleaned with standard practices
  • Various standard thicknesses available
  • Custom sizes available
  • MR safe, indexable table pad options available (min. 1” thickness)

Standard and Long Table Pads

Thicknesses Available

Standard 48” Pads

TP01F-6Standard Table Pad (48″/122cm) – 0.25″ / 6mm Thickness, 122cm x 51cm x 6mm1 ea.
TP01F-13Standard Table Pad (48″/122cm) – 0.5 / 13mm Thickness, 122cm x 51cm x 13mm1 ea.
TP01F-25Standard Table Pad (48″/122cm) – 1″ / 25mm Thickness, 122cm x 51cm x 25mm1 ea.
TP01F-38Standard Table Pad (48″/122cm) – 1.5″ / 38mm Thickness, 122cm x 51cm x 38mm1 ea.
TP01F-51Standard Table Pad (48″/122cm) – 2″ / 51mm Thickness, 122cm x 51cm x 51mm1 ea.

Long 72” Pads

TP01F-6LLong Table Pad (72″/183cm) – 0.25″ / 6mm Thickness, 183cm x 51cm x 6mm1 ea.
TP01F-13LLong Table Pad (72″/183cm) – 0.5 / 13mm Thickness, 183cm x 51cm x 13mm1 ea.
TP01F-25LLong Table Pad (72″/183cm) – 1″ / 25mm Thickness, 183cm x 51cm x 25mm1 ea.
TP01F-38LLong Table Pad (72″/183cm) – 1.5″ / 38mm Thickness, 183cm x 51cm x 38mm1 ea.
TP01F-51LLong Table Pad (72″/183cm) – 2″ / 51mm Thickness, 183cm x 51cm x 51mm1 ea.

Custom sizes and shapes are available. Contact CDR for more information.


Made from stainless steel and double-walled insulation to ensure longevity of life and energy efficiency. The bath will hold 28.5 liters (7.5 gallons) of water and will accept all known sizes of thermoplastics used in Radiation Therapy.

The digital temperature control ensures water is maintained within 0.5°C (1°F) of the desired temperature and has a range of 68°C to 79°C (155°F to 175°F).

The Digital Water Bath features an Easy-Drain design with the drain located at the lowest point of the bath to ensure the bath drains fully, avoiding the usual puddle that remains in most water baths.

Available in 2 models:

WB-LRG-2Digital Water bath – (100-120V / 60Hz)
WB-LRG-2-EUDigital Water bath – (200-240V / 50hz)
Water Drain is located at the lowest point of the bath and is emptied by opening the side mounted tap. 


  • LED digital microprocessor controlled water bath with precision temperature control within +/- 0.5C (+/- 1F)
  • 1440 Watt heating element provides quick heat-up and even heat
  • Met Lab approved to UL standards 60601-1 and CSA #C22.2NO.601
  • CE Marked
  • Exterior Dim: 84cm x 66cm x 20cm (33” x 26” x 8”)
  • Interior Dim: 66cm x 56cm x 13cm (26” x 22” x 5”)


Today’s need for universal precautions to reduce cross-contamination during patient care, are met by using a dry heat system. Warming Drawers go from room temperature to ready in less than 10 minutes.

Setting the temperature is easy and simple with the digital temperature control and a highly efficient convection system ensures even heat distribution. It takes 5 to 15 minutes for thermoplastics to reach optimal molding temperature, depending on the size and the type of thermoplastic being heated.

Available in 2 models:

DHCO-01Digital Warming Drawer – (100 – 120V / 60Hz)
DHCO-01-EUDigital Warming Drawer – (200 – 240 V / 50hz)


  • Space-saving compact design Insulated case
  • Dry Heating eliminates the inconveniences of using water
  • Digital temperature setting either in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • 3” Touch interface for simple settings adjustments
  • Outside dimensions: 79cm x 58cm x 13cm
  • Inside dimensions: 65cm x 51cm

Reduce cross-contamination during patient care with a dry heat system.


Gel Bolus products are flexible, tissue equivalent build-up materials which, when applied on a patient, increase the surface dose uniformly. Gel Bolus is available with a durable and cleanable layer of thin plastic skin or as a skinless type, which is sticky for conformity to body contours and easily cut to specialized shapes as needed.

ThicknessSizeWith SkinSkinless
0.3cm15cm x 15cmg-BOLUS-A-15x15x0.3g-BOLUS-B-30x30x0.3
30cm x 30cmg-BOLUS-A-30x30x0.3
40cm x 40cmg-BOLUS-A-40x40x0.3
0.5cm15cm x 15cmg-BOLUS-A-15x15x0.5g-BOLUS-B-15x15x0.5
20cm x 15cmg-BOLUS-A-20x15x0.5
20cm x 20cmg-BOLUS-A-20x20x0.5
20cm x 40cmg-BOLUS-B-20x40x0.5
30cm x 30cmg-BOLUS-A-30x30x0.5g-BOLUS-B-30x30x0.5
30cm x 45cmg-BOLUS-A-30x45x0.5g-BOLUS-B-30x45x0.5
30cm x 50cmg-BOLUS-A-30x50x0.5
30cm x 56cmg-BOLUS-A-30x56x0.5
35cm x 35cmg-BOLUS-A-35x35x0.5
40cm x 40cmg-BOLUS-A-40x40x0.5
50cm x 50cmg-BOLUS-A-50x50x0.5
1.0cm10cm x 15cmg-BOLUS-A-10x10x1.0
15cm x 15cmg-BOLUS-A-15x15x1.0g-BOLUS-B-15x15x1.0
20cm x 20cmg-BOLUS-A-20x20x1.0
20cm x 40cmg-BOLUS-B-20x40x1.0
30cm x 30cmg-BOLUS-A-30x30x1.0g-BOLUS-B-30x30x1.0
30cm x 50cmg-BOLUS-A-30x50x1.0
35cm x 35cmg-BOLUS-A-35x35x1.0
40cm x 40cmg-BOLUS-A-40x40x1.0g-BOLUS-B-40x40x1.0
40cm x 56cmg-BOLUS-A-40x56x1.0
50cm x 50cmg-BOLUS-A-50x50x1.0
60cm x 200cmg-BOLUS-A-60x200x1.0
70cm x 50cmg-BOLUS-A-70x50x1.0
70cm x 100cmg-BOLUS-A-70x100x1.0
70cm x 200cmg-BOLUS-A-70x200x1.0
80cm x 100cmg-BOLUS-A-80x100x1.0
1.5cm15cm x 15cmg-BOLUS-A-15x15x1.5g-BOLUS-B-15x15x1.5
30cm x 30cmg-BOLUS-A-30x30x1.5g-BOLUS-B-30x30x1.5
35cm x 35cmg-BOLUS-A-35x35x1.5
2.0cm10cm x 15cmg-BOLUS-A-10x15x2.0
15cm x 15cmg-BOLUS-A-15x15x2.0g-BOLUS-B-15x15x2.0
30cm x 30cmg-BOLUS-A-30x30x2.0g-BOLUS-B-30x30x2.0
3.0cm30cm x 30cmg-BOLUS-A-30x30x3.0g-BOLUS-B-30x30x3.0
4.0cm30cm x 30cmg-BOLUS-A-30x30x4.0g-BOLUS-B-30x30x4.0


Solid Bolus is ideal for irregularly-surfaced anatomical areas that will benefit from rigid conformal bolus material.

ThicknessSizeSolid Bolus
4.8mm20cm x 23cmS-BOLUS-4.8x20x23
30cm x 30cmS-BOLUS-4.8x30x30
30cm x 45cmS-BOLUS-4.8x30x45
43cm x 43cmS-BOLUS-4.8x43x43
45cm x 60cmS-BOLUS-4.8x45x60


Bolus pellets, once softened in warm water or dry heat, can be shaped and bonded to almost any required area to form a permanent fixture.

453.6 gram (1lb) bottle of pelletsS-BOLUS-P1


Durable polyurethane-foam head & neck support.

THS03-UTIMO Foam Universal Head Support Pack (sizes A-F)1 pkg.
THS03-U-ATIMO Foam Universal Head Support – Size A1 ea.
THS03-U-BTIMO Foam Universal Head Support – Size B1 ea.
THS03-U-CTIMO Foam Universal Head Support – Size C1 ea.
THS03-U-DTIMO Foam Universal Head Support – Size D1 ea.
THS03-U-ETIMO Foam Universal Head Support – Size E1 ea.
THS03-U-FTIMO Foam Universal Head Support – Size F1 ea.


Durable Silverman Head Supports provide consistent comfortable positioning of the patients head. Compatible with the FreedomXT™, SaBella Flex™ and other patient positioning systems.

THS03Silverman Head Support Pack (sizes A-G)3 ea.
THS03-1Silverman Head Support Pack (sizes A-G)1 ea.
THS03-ASilverman Head Support – Size A3 ea.
THS03-BSilverman Head Support – Size B3 ea.
THS03-CSilverman Head Support – Size C3 ea.
THS03-DSilverman Head Support – Size D3 ea.
THS03-ESilverman Head Support – Size E3 ea.
THS03-FSilverman Head Support – Size F3 ea.
THS03-GSilverman Head Support – Size G3 ea.


Silverman Head Supports for use with FreedomX™, Intuition™ & Mayomold™ have an additional indexing point to allow the patients head to be suitably positioned in the Intuition Click™.

Silverman Dual Position Head Supports
THS03-MMSilverman Head Support Pack – MM Type1 pkg.
THS03-A-MMSilverman Head Support MM Type – Size A3 ea.
THS03-B-MMSilverman Head Support MM Type – Size B3 ea.
THS03-C-MMSilverman Head Support MM Type – Size C3 ea.
THS03-D-MMSilverman Head Support MM Type – Size D3 ea.
THS03-E-MMSilverman Head Support MM Type – Size E3 ea.
THS03-F-MMSilverman Head Support MM Type – Size F3 ea.
THS03-G-MMSilverman Head Support MM Type – Size G3 ea.
THS03-H-MMSilverman Head Support MM Type – Size H3 ea.


Gel donut head supports provide a comfortable and cooling platform for the head.

Z10040201Large Gel Donut1 ea.
Z10040202Small Gel Donut1 ea.
SBS14-GDMSaBella Flex™ Gel Donut Module
– Includes indexing module, large and small gel donut


Simple but effective way to increase patient comfort through setup and treatment.

G-RING-SGrip Ring Small – Pediatric & Adult1 ea.
G-RING-MGrip Ring Medium – Adult1 ea.
G-RING-LGrip Ring Large – Large Adult1 ea.
G-RING-XLGrip Ring Extra Large – Large Adult Feet1 ea.


Measures 15cm x 7cm.

Contact CDR For Free Office Rulers with your next CDR order. (Available while supplies last, limit 5 per request).


OLFA KNIFE. This popular, heavy-duty cutter features a contoured ABS handle and a ratchet wheel blade-lock.


SOLID OLFA BLADE. Heavy-duty solid blade for thick materials. High-quality Japanese grade carbon tool steel, designed for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Long lasting/durable.


SERRATED EDGE STAINLESS STEEL SCISSORS. 5” high quality stainless steel scissors are ideal for consumer and industrial applications and precise cutting. The material being cut is held in place by one blade which is slightly serrated providing maximum control.


MUSCLE SHEAR. Bent design, stainless steel blades for firm grip and cut. Big comfortable plastic handles. Cuts thermoplastic and other tough materials.


FINE LINE DecoColor Opaque Paint Marker available in red, blue and green.

Click on image to see dimensions.

Knee & Leg Positioner

KN1-WDG-IIndexable in 7 positions

Knee & Leg Positioner

KN-10-1Indexable in 5 positions

Foot Positioner

F-WDG-IIndexable in 5 positions

Knee / Thigh Wedge

KN-WDGIndexable in 5 positions

Height Adjustable Knee Positioner

KN1-WDG-3Up to 40cm from couch top


PWR WDGElevated support

Prone Head & Shoulders Support

PF002Allows for easier breathing

Prone Head Support

PF01Head & Neck Support

Square Sponge Cushion


Leg Positioner

Z-10704Removable cover – Soft
Z-10704-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10704-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

35-55 Degree Foam Positioner Wedge

Z-10101Removable cover – Soft
Z-10101-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10101-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

45 Degree Foam Positioner Wedge

Z-10102Removable cover – Soft
Z-10102-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10102-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

15 Degree Narrow Foam Positioner Wedge

Z-10103Removable cover – Soft
Z-10103-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10103-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

20 Degree Foam Positioner Wedge

Z-10104Removable cover – Soft
Z-10104-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10104-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

Rectangle Foam Positioner

Z-10105Removable cover – Soft
Z-10105-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10105-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

Circular Foam Positioner

Z-10106Removable cover – Soft
Z-10106-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10106-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

27 Degree Foam Positioner Wedge

Z-10203Removable cover – Soft
Z-10203-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10203-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

65-45 Degree Foam Positioner Wedge

Z-10301Removable cover – Soft
Z-10301-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10301-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

65-45 Degree Narrow Foam Positioner Wedge

Z-10302Removable cover – Soft
Z-10302-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10302-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

Myelogram Bolster Foam Positioner

Z-10309Removable cover – Soft
Z-10309-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10309-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

Myelogram Bolster With Handles

Z-10309H-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10309H-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

Torso Block Foam Positioner

Z-10401Removable cover – Soft
Z-10401-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10401-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

Foam Positioner Chest

Z-10402Removable cover – Soft
Z-10402-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10402-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

Square Sponge Cushion Medium

Z-10405Removable cover – Soft
Z-10405-APolyurethane Coated – Soft
Z-10405-PFAPolyurethane Coated – Firm

Foam Positioner 6-Piece Set

Z-107016 Piece Set
Foam Positioner 35/55° angle.
Foam Positioner 45° angle.
Foam Positioner 15° angle.
Foam Positioner 20° angle.
Foam Positioner rectangle and foam circle.

FreedomX™ – MR Compatible

LB-SBRT-X-KFreedomX™ Comprehensive CT/Treatment Overlay1 pkg.
CFJ02-K5-Point Tension Lock Immobilization Clamp1 ea.

FreedomX™ SRS Accessories – MR Compatible

STA-12-KFreedomX™ Shoulder-Tech1 ea.
RS02-KFreedomX™ Shoulder Retractors x21 pkg.
NWB02-KFreedomX™ Wishbone Mask Stabilizer1 ea.
NWB02-MM-KIntuition™ Wishbone Mask Stabilizer1 ea.
LB-HP-KFreedomX™ Arms Down Hand Indexer – for Exact (Varian) Index System1 ea.
LB-HP-EVO-KFreedomX™ Arms Down Hand Indexer – for Precise (Elekta / BL) Index System1 ea.
LB-HP-MT1-KFreedomX™ Arms Down Hand Indexer – for Prodigy Index System1 ea.
LB-HP-MT2-KFreedomX™ Arms Down Hand Indexer – for Prodigy 2 Index System1 ea.

FreedomX™ Components – MR Compatible

FDM-S-SBRT-X-KFreedomX™ System SBRT Module for Comprehensive Overlay (LB-SBRT-X-K)
Includes: AU-3-K, KN1-WDG-I-K, F-WDG-I-K, SBRT-BS-X-K, SBRT-BL-X-K, CMP-S-K, CMP-L-K, IB06-K type Indexing bars x2
1 pkg.
FDM-S-SPN-X-KFreedomX™ System Spine Module for Comprehensive Overlay (LB-SBRT-01-K)
– includes: SBRT-BL-X-SP1-K, SBRT-BS-X-SP1-K
1 pkg.
AU-3-KFreedomX™ Arms Up Module1 ea.
KN1-WDG-I-KFreedomX™ Knee & Leg Positioner – Indexable in 7 positions1 ea.
F-WDG-I-KFreedomX™ Foot & Leg Positioner – Indexable in 7 positions1 ea.
SBRT-BS-X-KFreedomX™ Indexable Bridge fitted for abdominal compression – Small1 ea.
SBRT-BL-X-KFreedomX™ Indexable Bridge fitted for abdominal compression – Large1 ea.
SBRT-BS-SP1-X-KFreedomX™ SpineAlign™ Bridge Configured for Patient Spine Alignment – Small1 ea.
SBRT-BL-SP1-X-KFreedomX™ SpineAlign™ Bridge Configured for Patient Spine Alignment – Large1 ea.
COMP-KIT-A*Freedom™ Compression Belt Kit – Includes: Small (124cm), Standard (149cm) Belts & x1 Sphygmomanometer1 pkg.
COMP-KIT-B*Freedom™ Compression Belt Kit – Includes: Standard (149cm), Large (174cm) Belts & x1 Sphygmomanometer1 pkg.
COMP-KIT-C*Freedom™ Compression Belt Kit – Includes: Small (124cm), Standard (149cm), Large (174cm) Belts, & x1 Sphygmomanometer1 pkg.

SaBella Flex™ Supine Breast Positioning – MR Compatible

SBS14-KSaBella Flex™ Standard Package1 ea.
SBS14-E-KSaBella Flex™ Elite Package1 ea.
SBS14-B-KSaBella Flex™ Basic Package1 ea.

ProCline™ Advanced Prone Breast Systems – MR Compatible

PB17-KProCline™ Advanced Prone Breast System1 pkg.

Koilia Mikros™ – MR Compatible

BB09-D-KKoilia Mikros™ Belly Board1 ea.

Indexing Bars – MR Compatible

IB06-KStandard Index Bar – Exact (Varian) Index System1 ea.
IB06-EVO-KStandard Index Bar – Precise / Evo (Elekta / BL) Index System1 ea.
IB06-MT1-KStandard Index Bar – Prodigy Index System1 ea.
IB06-MT2-KStandard Kevlar Index Bar – Prodigy 2 Index System1 ea.
IB06-01-KSBRT Wide Index Bar – Exact (Varian) Index System1 ea.
IB06-EVO-01-KSBRT Wide Index Bar – Precise / Evo (Elekta / BL) Index System1 ea.
IB06-MT1-01-KSBRT Wide Index Bar – Prodigy Index System1 ea.
IB06-MT2-01-KSBRT Wide Index Bar – Prodigy 2 Index System1 ea.

Most of our products are available in MR Compatible version.
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