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CDR’s LT-Thermoplastics are manufactured using the most current and advanced processes available, ensuring the highest consistency with respect to stretch, working time and ultimate patient comfort.


The FreedomX™ is a modular-based precision patient positioning system that is directly indexed to any treatment couch. With eight indexable modules that accurately position your patient in the two primary supine configurations, Arms Up or Arms Down.

SaBella Flex™

The SaBella Flex™ is a revolutionary and easy to use patient positioning device for treatment of breast, lung, pelvis and head & neck patients. The unique patented Dual Axis™ design provides a much wider range of positions which allow for better patient outcomes.


The ProCline™ Advanced Breast System takes prone breast positioning to a whole new level ensuring your patient is positioned for comfort, safety, ease of reproducibility and treatment optimization for both whole, partial or accelerated partial left and right breast treatments.

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