Product Information Sheets

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FreedomX™ – Total Body Precision Patient Immobilization

FreedomX™ System > All Modules

FreedomX™ Comprehensive Overlay (only)

FreedomX™ PowerWEDGE Module

FreedomX™ SBRT Module

FreedomX™ Spine-Align Module

FreedomX™ Hand Indexer and Shoulder-Tech Modules

FreedomX™ DUO™ SRS Immobilization System

FreedomX™ Intuition Click™ Module

FreedomX™ Mask Stabilization Module

FreedomX™ Couch Extension Module

FreedomX™ Compression Belt

Aeris Array™ + Supine and Prone System

SaBella Flex™ – Dual Axis Positioning Solution For Breast & Thorax

SaBella Flex™ System > All Modules

SaBella Flex™ Dual Axis Base Module (only)

SaBella Flex™ Arm Cup Module

ProCline™ – The Advanced Breast Systems

ProCline™ Breast System

ProCline™ Breast Cassette™ (only)

Other Products

Koilia Mikros™ Belly Board


Vacuum Lock™

Index Bars

Head Supports

Table Pads

Digital Heating


Wedges, Supports, and Positioning Aids

Cutting & Marking Accessories