18 July 2017

CDR Systems Assists RAD-AID in Nairobi, Kenya (Global Cancer Outreach Effort)
CDR Systems is pleased to announce it’s donation of a state-of-the-art SaBella Flex patient positioning device to Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi Kenya. This generous donation enables caregivers to ‘leap frog’ their treatment of breast and lung cancer patients and to offer their patients modern techniques.

3 January 2017

PB17 Advanced Prone Breast System from CDR Systems

New Advanced Prone Breast System Launch
With over 10 years of prone breast expertise and after many months of clinical development, the PB17™ is a versatile and easy to use patient positioning device for treatment of the breast in the prone position. With adjustable breast opening, height and tilt/roll to move the the breast undergoing treatment away from the heart and lungs as well as for patient comfort and ease of breathing.

2 April 2016

A New Era in Breast & Thorax Positioning
CDR today officially launched the SaBella Flex™ Patient Positioning System for Breast & Thorax after many months of clinical development. The SaBella FLEX™ is a versatile, lightweight and easy to use patient positioning device for treatment of the breast, lung and now Head & Neck patients too. The unique patent pending Dual Axis™ design allows for a much wider range of positions than conventional breast and lung systems allowing clinicians to achieve more accurate treatment and better patient outcomes.

CDR has been running weekly online webinar sessions throughout February 2016 to demonstrate the SaBella Flex™.
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