Freedom™ System

Freedom System - Single Solution Multiple Treatment Modes

The Freedom System is a highly advanced non-invasive positioning solution for multiple treatment modes. Using a single overlay weighing just 1.7kg / 3.8lbs, the Freedom System can easily be configured for Cranial SRS / SRT (Prone & Supine), Head & Neck, SBRT, Spine, Supine Breast and much much more.

Used by many of today’s leading Cancer Treatment Centers, the Freedom™ System is compatible with any CT or Linac treatment table with MRI compatibiltiy available too. All patient setup configurations on the Freedom System™ are optimized for Rapid Arc, and Cone Beam imaging.

Intuition Click™

Freedom 6 Couch Extensions

The Intuition Click™ provides a non-invasive precision positioning for the Head, C-Spine and Shoulders for precise targeting during brain, head and neck treatments with air-equivilent attenuation.

With both patient comfort and repositioning accuracy greater than posterior/anterior masks, bite blocks and invasive methods, Intuition Click™ offers one of the most innovative precision SRS and Head & Neck positioning systems available today.

Freedom™ 6 Couch Extensions

Freedom 6 Couch Extensions

The Freedom 6 Couch extensions provide a rigid lightweight platform for an unobstructed 360° treatment of the head and neck. Freedom 6 Couch extensions have integrated pitch and roll adjustability. Combined with any treatment couch, Freedom 6 provide an additional level of accuracy to adjust all 6 axis for patient position correction based on Cone Beam image verification and/or Optical Surface Imaging

Freedom™ Compression Belts

Freedom Compression Belts

Freedom™ Compression belts are available in 3 sizes and are an easy to use pneumatic abdominal compression system for managing movement of tumour motion while maintaining maximum comfort for the patient.

Freedom™ Prone & Supine Cranial Immobilization

Freedom Prone & Supine Module

Allows in-situ adjustment of C-Spine curvature in both prone and supine positions utilizing a posterior and anterior mask.

Aeris Array™ Positioning Array

Aeris Array for integrating Freedom with BrainLab ExacTrac

If you would like all the benefits of precision accuracy that the Freedom™ offers and use BrainLab Exactrac®, the Aeris Array provides this solution. With more patient space under the Aeris Array compared to ExacTrac®, patients will feel less clostrophobic whilst maintaining the highest levels of accuracy.

NEW SaBella Flex Supine System

SaBella Flex Supine Positioning System

The SaBella Flex ups the innovation and versatility game against conventional wingboards. Its patented DualAxis™ design allows for a much wider range of positions than conventional systems. Optimal chest slope and head positioning are easily achieved for a more accurate and comfortable patient experience. Available in Carbon Fiber,MR Safe and Calypso-compatible

LT-Thermoplastic Masks

LT-Thermoplastic Masks

VacuumLock Bags

VacuumLock Cushions

Vacuum Lock cushions are constructed to outlast other vacuum bags. Made from durable and high strength materials and featuring double welded seams and a stepped valve.

Silverman & TIMO Head Rests

Silverman and TIMO Head Supports

Silverman (Standard and Intuition style) and TIMO Head Supports

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